What We Do Best

 Antique Restoration 

It can be painful to let go of an antique or family heirloom that has deteriorated over time. It may sit  in the attic, basement, or garage because of its condition, collecting dust and deteriorating further through moisture, dust and extreme temperature changes. We can bring the memories back to life through the restoration of that piece.


We can repair veneer damage and re-create broken, lost or rotted components using materials and methods and tools appropriate to the period when that piece was made. This includes the use of various hand planes, rasps, saws and chisels; animal protein glue and oil-based stains, varnishes and shellacs.

Favourite Projects

A 2- tiered pie table and an Etagere brought in for restoration. View More ››

Furniture Refinishing

Film finishes are designed to protect the beauty of the wood from stains, spills, and dust. It unfortunately doesn’t last the life of many pieces and must periodically be stripped and re-applied.


Furniture to be refinished is stripped of all film finishes before being sanded and re-stained and a new film finish applied. All finishes are sprayed on to give it the crispness like it was straight out of the factory. Our stains and finishes are sourced locally from a family-based business in Toronto who manufacture them in their own facility.

Member of the Professional Furniture Refinisher’s Group with access to over 300 years of furniture restoration and refinishing knowledge.

Furniture Painting

Sometimes, a piece of furniture just no longer goes with the décor and is in danger of being placed on the curb. This is where a painted look comes in to transform it to an exciting new look.


When a piece of furniture to be painted comes into our studio, it is given a thorough wash to remove all dirt and oils from it. It is then thoroughly sanded or stripped depending on the type of finish already on it. All defects are repaired prior to priming, when it goes through another defect inspection and primed again before painting. Paints are sprayed on lacquer in the colour and sheen of your choice to give you the best possible finish.

Favourite Projects

An antique secretary that started out with red paint on it restored to original, a blanket chest painted to black and purple. View More ››